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Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim
Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim

history of Oświęcim...

Oświęcim is about 40 thousand attractive and friendly town situated in the valley of the River Sola. Convenient location between Malopolska and Silesia makes it an important transport route connecting the two regions. Galician town atmosphere creates a turbulent 800-years history, the traces of which can be seen walking around the castle hill and the Old Town. The nature and climate of ancient history dating back the thirteenth century.


The Castle Museum in Oświęcim resumes operations!

The Castle Museum in Oświęcim introduces the first stage of resumption of activity. From June 15, Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m.  till 3.00 p.m to visitors will be available: permanent exhibition "In the Royal Town of Oświęcim", Archeology collections and the castle tower. The tour will take place in accordance with the guidelines for the functioning of museums during the Covid-19 epidemic in Poland.
In the second stage , effective from July 1st apart from the Castle Museum, The Town Hall Museum and the new attraction of Oświęcim town: tunnels under the castle hill will be made available.
There are two main tunnels under the castle hill - the older running the east-west axis, probably dates from the end of 18th century and the newer -  oriented  north-south,  hollowed out during the Nazi occupation of 1939-1945. An Interactive Historical Route "Game of Independence"  has been prepared in these tunnels and it relates to the events of the First World War in Poland (1914-1918).  More information about the route you can find: http://treespot.um.oswiecim.en

Detailed information on opening hours and visiting rules is available on the website : https://muzeum-zamek.pl



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