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Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim
Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim

Attractions of Oświęcim Land

 | The church of St. Martin in Jawiszowice
The church of St. Martin in Jawiszowice

Wooden architecture of Oświęcim Land is a rich and differential set of objects, mainly sacral ones, which are part of Wooden Architecture Route of Malopolska. Wooden churches, mostly built of larch trees, covered with shingles are a perfect complement to the beautiful landscape of Oswięcim. They are coming from period of the sixteen and the seventeen century and you can watch them in such villages as: Polanka Wielka, Grojec, Poręba Wielka, Głębowice, Graboszyce, Osiek, Jawiszowice and Bobrek.

A pearl  of the wooden sacral building is lying on the border between Silesia and Malopolska regions dating the first half of the sixteen century late Gotic church of St. Andrew in Osiek,  inside which you will see the  rococo altar and thirteen century boat-shaped pulpit. Outside the church there are more than 500-years-old oaks. Pay your attention also for lovely church of St. Martin in Jawiszowice, from the seventeen century with rococo and late baroque elements.

 | The Palace of the Rudziński Family
The Palace of the Rudziński Family

The Palace of the Rudziński's in Osiek located between Small and Big Bonar ponds, dating the second half of the eighteen century presents oriental design. Completely  rebuilt by the owner Karola Józefa Larisch particularly fascinates the “Mauretanian” room,  richly decorated eastern details.  The palace is surrounded by a large landscape garden from the first half of nineteen century with classicist and neo-Gotic buildings.
The County of Oświęcim is full of  many beautiful castles, mansions or palaces and parks  complexes resembling the former, turbulent history of this region. Visitors this part of Malopolska may suprise  bulowicki Larisch’s castle in the English gotic style. The prototype of this building was a Scottisch Huntly Castle – from which Jessey Paterson -  wife of baron Edmund Larisch,  came from. It is  worth mentioning also the sixteen century Dukes’ Castle in Zator with richly decorated interiors, the palace and park complex of the Sapiech Dukes in Bobrek where you can feel the atmosphere of the history associated with the Confederation of Bar, or the nineteenth-century palace of the Radziwił Dukes in Grojec.

The Carp Valley covers historic area delves of breeding carp already known in medieval. Breeding ponds cover an area stretching hundreds of acres in the valley of the Wisła, Skawa, Wieprzówka. Zator, Przeciszow, Spytkowice, Brzeźnica, Polanka United and Osiek, villages located in the southern part of the Dolina Wisły and the Pogórze Karpackie combined the common purpose of popularizing the tradition of carp breeding and natural beauty of this region. Today we can see the first effects of a consistent promotional activities. "Święto Karpia", which is celebrated in Zator, gathers every year more and more gourmet of fish. In the most restaurant in Zator you can taste the local specialty - a delicious "Karp po zatorsku"

 | The Beekeeping Heritage in Grojec
The Beekeeping Heritage in Grojec

The beekeeping heritage park in Grojec was established in 2000. You can learn there about the history of beekeeping and know natural beekeeping products. Nowadays there are about 70 old hives, 30 younger ones and other small  beekeeping equipment.

 | The Park of Dinosaurs
The Park of Dinosaurs

Zatorland, the complex of four theme parks, is situated only a few kilometers from Oświęcim. Craving fun and education, especially representatives of the younger generation, will find there something for themselves. This complex provides a wide range of possibilities spending their spare time. In the Park of Dinosaurs, which are moving  and screaming, you can learn about the history and anatomy of prehistoric reptile; the Park of Mythology let move yourself for a while to the world of mythological deities. Additional attraction is the possibility of exploring park by boat. In the Park of  Insects kids can see a giant ladybird or a fly.

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