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Centrum Informacji Turystycznej w Oświęcimiu
Centrum Informacji Turystycznej w Oświęcimiu


In seven locations of the city, the walls have been painted with the images of widely recognized figures: intellectuals, philosophers, thinkers, scientists, along with a short maxim which is characteristic for their activity or work. Seven figures have been selected for the project: Leszek Kołakowski (5- Olszewskiego St.), Jacek Kuroń (6- Berka Joselewicza St.), Maria Skłodowska-Curie (7- Kościelna St.), Martin Luter King (8- Stolarska St.) , John Paul II (9- Klasztorna St.), Mahatma Gandhi (10- Bulwary St.) oraz Vaclav Havel (11- Dąbrowskiego St.). Their images aim to promote, especially among the younger generation, such values as tolerance, human rights, peace, democracy, and civil society. The theme of murals also makes a reference to the ever-present problems of contemporary world. It is aimed to provoke thought and sensitize so that now and in the future the risks associated with the experience of Auschwitz could be accurately identified and people could learn how to respond properly to them.
The murals were created as part of the project organized by the Auschwitz Jewish Center during Oswiecim Life Festival 2012 by young residents of Oswiecim: Tomasz Kiek (realization) oraz Mateusz Makarewicz (designs).
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