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Centrum Informacji Turystycznej w Oświęcimiu
Centrum Informacji Turystycznej w Oświęcimiu


author: Edward Dwurnik
location: ul. Zamkowa
created in the framework of: Life Festival Oświęcim 2011
Edward Dwurnik is one of the most recognizable figures of contemporary Polish art - unruly and provocative, volatile, unpredictable and full of devilish sense of humor. His works create a stir and evoke extreme emotions, even among the youngest generation of artists.
Oświęcim is a specific place, associated with the museum (Auschwitz-Birkenau - editor's note) and the Holocaust. It immediately occurred to me that I should paint the pre-war musicians who would play the double-basses. It turned out that the festival organizers want to break the spell of this place - they want Oświecim to become a normal city, and not the one with the camp trauma. I ended up painting young people who play the beautiful orange double-basses. All these characters and these beautiful instruments will be depicted on the background of my beloved Prussian blue.
Edward Dwurnik on DOUBLE-BASS PLAYERS (source:2011.lifefestival.pl)
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