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Centrum Informacji Turystycznej w Oświęcimiu
Centrum Informacji Turystycznej w Oświęcimiu


author: Andrzej Pągowski
location: ul. Śniadeckiego 22 (post-German bunker)
created in the framework of: Life Festival Oświęcim 2012 and Life Festival Oświęcim 2015
The well-known Polish graphic artist Andrzej Pągowski has designed over a thousand posters. He is also an author of numerous book and magazine illustrations, CD booklets, TV and theatre stage designs as well as TV and music videos screenplays.
When I received a phone call with an information that I will have an opportunity to make a mural here in Oswiecim, I thought that this is something extraordinary. I'm celebrating 35th anniversary of my artistic work - so it's an important year for me, and many years ago my father's entire family was killed in Auschwitz. I thought that I, going back to Oswiecim and making that mural on peace and music, not only give evidence of a non-political declaration but also show that there are people of culture and art in the world who show through their work their wish to live in peace and not in war. We leave such symbols for you to think about. Such declarations and traces are of great significance. Music is important to me, especially rock music, that?s why Oswiecim will get this mural. (?) I was looking for a symbol that would come into being in the street. The location is brilliant, clean, it gives an artist a chance to create a powerful symbol. It's not a poster - I have tried to find a rather strong sign for this wall.
Andrzej Pągowski on GUITARIST
(based on a video interview published on: 2012.lifefestival.pl)
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