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Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim
Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim

Boulevards on the Soła river

Boulevards on the Soła river | Photo: CIT Oświęcim
Boulevards on the Soła riverPhoto: CIT Oświęcim
Green areas located on the Soła River in the vicinity of the Old Town of Oświęcim. In the park there are numerous benches, walking and cycling paths, an outdoor gym and a playground for children. During the holiday season, the "Bulwary Leisure Zone" invites you to enjoy doing nothing on specially prepared deckchairs, or to spend time actively using movement games rentals. It is also the starting point for a canoeing trip on the Sola River, covering a 2.5 km section from the so-called "beach" to the Kruki water threshold. The kayak rental is open on selected Sundays from May to August, according to the schedule available on the website www.mosir.oswiecim.pl . The open-air gallery of fairy-tale characters also encourages you to take a walk.
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