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Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim
Tourist Information Centre in Oświęcim

Jakob Haberfeld Story

Jakob Haberfeld Story
4 Dąbrowskiego str.

The story of the one of the most influential Jewish family in Oświęcim - Haberfeld Family - the owners of Steam Vodka and Liquor Factory, established by Jakob Haberfeld in 1804. Products from the factory were recognized all over Europe and won many awards at international exhibitions. Its almost 140 year of history ended together with the outbreak of World War II.

On the premises of the former factory was established a museum. The exhibition presents factory equipment elements, bottles, labels, advertising materials, documents, as well as private items from the Haberfeld's house - adjacent to the factory. The display is enriched with items presenting other producers from the region and the country, including multimedia materials. The museum also serves as a music pub, where you can taste the unique alcohols and have fun during concerts and performances.

 | Foto: Jarosław Fiedor
Foto: Jarosław Fiedor

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